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RepairPartsUSA.com is your #1 source for wholesale iPhone parts, iPad Parts, Samsung Parts & More! Whether you are looking to repair your own device or if you're an existing repair shop looking for lower prices and higher quality products, we can help. We serve repair shops all across the world and understand the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality parts, fast shipping, low prices and top customer support!

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As a supplier of wholesale iPhone parts to repair shops nation wide, we understand how important it is to provide only the highest quality products, at the lowest prices possible. Unlike many other sites, or eBay/Amazon sellers, at RepairPartsUSA we test all parts before
shipping them to our customers. Every iPhone screen is tested individually a minimum of 2 times to ensure that there are no defects.

We know how difficult it is to find a reliable wholesale iPhone Parts supplier/distributor in the United States. Having been in the repair
business, we understand that quality is key. Over the years we have worked with countless parts manufactures. Thanks to our established
relationships with various manufactures, we can confidently say that we provide only the highest quality repair parts available.


Having been in the repair industry for over 12 years, we know how important fast service, quality iPhone parts and low prices are to our customers.


We understand the importance of having your gadget up and running, which is why we provide same day shipping Monday-Friday on all repair part orders. We provide FREE shipping on all orders over $30!


We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. If you are not thoroughly pleased with our products and services, we will be more than happy to accept a return. All parts are backed by a life time guarantee.


As a leader in the wholesale iPhone and Phone Parts industry, we strive to provide only the highest quality and lowest prices to our customers. the In addition to our highly competitive pricing, we provide additional discounts based on your ordering volume. Our mission at
RepairPartsUSA.com is to provide only the highest quality parts, at the lowest prices possible. To ensure that our customers receive only quality parts, we test each screen before shipping, and provide a money back guarantee on all parts.


We assure our customers that they are dealing with a reputable source. We are inspected, monitored, and guaranteed by McAfee, ensuring you of our good name, financial stability, and ability to honor our sales terms and conditions.

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We know there are cheaper alternatives on Amazon or eBay. The fact is most of the parts sold on those sites are low quality parts usually sold by sellers who do not care about quality. Stick with a trust USA company dedicated to providing only high quality replacement parts. Stick with RepairPartsUSA!