Which Quality Works for Me?

Every supplier of iPhone Parts has their own specification of screens and its very complex to really understand the differences between one supplier's quality versus another. At RepairPartsUSA we strive to only provide the highest quality screens available. We also wanted to simplify this process and give you specifications on what makes our quality stand out and what to expect.


RepairPartsUSA offers 2 different quality screens

  • Grade A
  • Premium
  • We also offer a premium screen with small parts preinstalled

Here is a comparison of our iPhone LCD Screen's with Specifications.

What is the difference?

While both of our quality screens are all high quality, the main difference between the Grade A and the Premium is the quality of the LCD. The LCD on the Premium is comparable to an OEM original screen, while the Grade A screen may have be slightly less bright. The Premium Grade also has a tougher front glass digitizer.

Why Different Qualities?

RepairPartsUSA serves both wholesale customers that own Repair shop businesses and individuals looking to fix their own phones.

  • For our wholesale customers you want to be able to offer your clients options on what is best for your customers and your company. Some markets are more competitive than others hence its makes it difficult to compete with the consumer being more price conscious. Every market is different and we understand that. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products regardless of the screen quality difference. Many Repair Shops offer two different qualities to their consumer to let them choose if they would like to go for the lower priced point repair or a higher price point but better quality for the consumer.

  • For our retail customers looking to fix their own phones, we understand that sometimes you are looking to fix a device to resell or to hand it down to another family member, which is why we offer both a Grade A version and Premium version. Whether you want a screen similar to a brand new phone, or just looking for a quick fix, RepairPartsUSA has you covered!